SB 0329 of 2013


Michigan Senate Bill 0329.  Follow the bill here.

Currently, Michigan law permits brewers to develop real property for use by another vendor of alcoholic beverages (except a wholesaler) under certain limited circumstances.  This bill would expand the law to include wine makers, distillers, and brandy manufacturers.

HB 4573 of 2013


HB 4573.  Follow the bill here.


HB 4560 of 2013.


Michigan House Bill 4560 of 2013.  Follow the bill here.

This bill would reduce the inventory requirement for locations with motor vehicle fuel pumps from $250,000 to $50,000.  The bill would also eliminate the 50ft requirement.

HB 4542 of 2013


HB 4542.  Follow the bill here.
This bill would permit the transfer of unused quota licenses from a township to the nearest City/Village, if that City/Village had no quota licenses available.

HB 4536 of 2013


HB 4536.  Follow the bill here.
This bill would permit smoking in certain "smoking rooms" and licensed clubs.