PA 100 of 2013 permits small wine makers to obtain a "Farmer's Market Permit," which permits that small wine maker to conduct tastings and sales of their wine at a farmer's market.

Important FAQs about PA 100 of 2013
  • In each county, one Farmer's Market Permit may be issued for each 1,500 people (or fraction thereof) within the county.
  • The fee for the permit is $25.00 for each farmer's market location.
  • Only five locations may be applied for at one time; however, there is no limit on the number of permits a small wine maker may receive.
  • Local police must approve the tasting and sale of wine at the requested location.
  • Employees who conduct tastings and sales must have completed a server training program.
  • Tasting samples may not exceed 3 servings of 2oz or less in a 24-hour period.

You can find PA 100 of 2013 here.
Public Act 101 of 2013 permits On-premise licensees who also hold an SDM license to fill and sell growlers of beer for consumption off the premises.

Some of the Requirements:
  • The growler must be sealed and have a label that includes the brand name of the beer, the class of the beer, the contents of the container, and the name of the retailer filling the growler.
  • Growlers may only be filled from a container that is 5 gallons or larger.
  • The beer being dispensed must be approved for sale by the Commission
  • The growler must be clean and no larger than one gallon.

You can find PA 101 here.